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Coachella Essentials and Photo Inspiration

Coachella Essentials and Photo Inspiration


With Coachella quickly approaching this upcoming weekend, and the weekend after, your outfit planning starts NOW! Don’t worry, I got you covered with four fab outfits and where to get your Coachella Essentials locally here in San Diego! Nochella for you? All these local shops are worth checking out for fun finds for everyday adventures in San Diego

Rompers-Miss Match, Ocean Beach

Miss Match, an adorable boutique located in Ocean Beach, has this perfect blue romper. Not only is it flowy and cute, it will keep you cool with the sun off your arms while running around Coachella! Miss Match is also home to tons of dresses and other rompers you will for sure want to check out! Not local? You can order online!

Miss Match Website

Tanks and Flowy Dresses-Clothe and Arrow, Oceanside

Clothe and Arrow, located on PCH in Oceanside, is home to this Coachelly dress and off-the shoulders peach top! With the perfect pieces to add to your Coachella weekend, Clothe and Arrow has t-shirts, swim suits, dresses, and Instagram worthy outfits for anyone!

Clothe and Arrow Website

Boho Necklaces and Lace-Up Dresses- Stroll, Little Italy

Stroll, a boho babe dreamy boutique, located in Little Italy, is not only fun to shop at, it also has the best plants scattered through the store to inspire your inner gardener to come alive! Stroll is home to the perfect Coachella outfits, with this gypsy necklace and flowy dress, making the perfect pair!

**If you are around April 12, be sure to stop by Stroll for a Coachella shopping party 5:30-8:30, more info on their site!**

Stroll Website

Straw Bags- Sea and Grass, San Diego

Sea and Grass has the perfect straw bags for any outfit for Coachella! These two totes are perfect for little or small things to take on the go! Their Ava Cross Body– Genuine Leather in Caramel bag is shown above in the first two photos, along with their Caitlyn Tote, shown in the last two photos. How perfect and ideal are these totes for an all-day bag or for just a couple essential items?

Sea and Grass Website

Round Towels- Fair Seas Supply Co, San Diego

Fair Seas Supply Co is home to the perfect round towels! Whether you are going to the beach, a festival, or a picnic, these round towels are so perfect for any occasion. Featured above is their most popular one, The Greenwich, although they have 8 varieties to choose from! Soft, durable, and trendy, these are the perfect towels for all!

Fair Seas Supply Co Website

Waterproof Bags- Wander Wet Bags, Encinitas

Wander Wet Bags are one of a kind and so necessary for any true Southern Californian. These waterproof bags are ideal for throwing your wet bikini in, or sweaty clothes in at Coachella! With three sizes to choose from, this is the ideal bag for traveling, throwing things in, or for putting your bikini in inside your purse. The inside of these bags are leak-proof, so your designer bag won’t get ruined by your wet and sandy bikini! These are perfect for sweaty and dirty clothes at Coachella–Cue outfit change!

Wander Wet Bags Website

Juice Cleanse- Nekter Juice, San Diego

Juice cleansing is 100% needed for after the craziness of the Coachella weekend! Nekter, a local juice company, offers various types of juice cleansing options. They have an advanced and a classic version. The advanced has less sugar. Each day of the cleanse you will have 6 juices. For the classic, there are three green juices, a lemon juice, coconut charcoal juice, and a cashew milk each day. Cleanses last 1, 2, 3, and 5 days.

Nekter Website

Marissa Photography.png

Meet The Photographer

Marissa, from Modern Day Mona Photography was the gal behind the lens for this Coachella project! Marissa specializes in natural light photography, outdoor, boho inspired, portraits, and dreamy-lit photos, which are her favorites! Marissa is now booking spring shoots, in addition to graduation photos!

Modern Day Mona Photography Website

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