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A Day in Venice Beach, CA

A Day in Venice Beach, CA


Venice Beach, a local Los Angeles beach town is an iconic stop on the California list. Venice is rich in culture, making it the perfect people-watching spot!

venice sign.JPG

The board walk connects the local beach towns, Marina Del Rey, Venice, and Santa Monica. One popular activity to do is roller skate or bike ride between Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier.

My friend Kim from   Vanilla Sky Dreaming

My friend Kim from Vanilla Sky Dreaming

Being the classic tourist I am, I had to roller skate the strand! We originally rented the roller skates to skate between the two towns, but quickly realized how difficult they were to ride. I remember being a child and skating, but this time it was much different.

venice 6.JPG

We rented the roller skates for one hour, which was only $10. In that hour, we didn’t even skate a total of 1/2 a mile! They were so difficult to balance in, that we almost fell several times. Holding hands was the only way to survive!

venice 7.JPG

We traded the skates in for bikes, and were much more successful in getting to the Santa Monica Pier! Bike and skate rentals are available all throughout Venice.

venice 15.JPG

The bike ride from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica Pier is about 2 1/2 miles along the beach. My favorite time of the day to do this ride is an hour before the sun sets.

venice 3.JPG

Sunsets in Southern California are my favorite, especially after a rainy day. Behind me here are the Malibu Mountains.


Venice Beach gets its name from the canals that run through the town, similar to Venice, Italy. You can find the beaches filled with various body builders and gyms in the sand. Some people refer to it as Muscle Beach.

Venice Beach is also known for their street art. Every wall in an opportunity for a photoshoot!

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