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Atlanta, GA: Amicalola Falls

Atlanta, GA: Amicalola Falls

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 About an hour and a half away from the city of Atlanta, is a quiet, secluded, nature filled area in the middle of the country, which is home to an amazing waterfall. Amicalola Falls is know as one of the ‘7 wonders of Georgia’, and for great reason.


There are a couple of ways of getting to see the Falls. First, you can drive through the State Park, to the top of the waterfall. You can have a view out at the Appalachian Mountains, and below of the flowing water.

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426 (we counted!) steps lead down to the first lookout, which is about half way through the waterfall. You can continue hiking down to the very bottom of the falls by taking stairs.

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Within the State Park, there are hotels and lodges to stay at, in addition to camping sites to rent. There are areas to fish, picnic sites, and restaurants present also.

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Another way to see the Falls is to hike up. It would be best to park at the bottom, walk through the trail, and up the staircase to the top. The stairs are hugged by countless trees, making it feel so full of energy.

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Personal Experience: This is a perfect road trip from Atlanta. It will get you away from the city, and feeling as though you are far away. We hiked this right before sunset, while the temperature was comfortable outside, with golden lighting. I would come back to see Amicalola Falls on another trip because of the natural beauty it holds.

Traveler Tip: Dogs are allowed on this path, but not recommended. The dogs often get scared of both the metal stairs and the crowds of people. Secondly, wear appropriate shoes for this hike. I was wearing sandal wedges, and it did not make for the best hiking!

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