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Nashville, TN: Classic Southern Lunch- Kitchen Notes

Nashville, TN: Classic Southern Lunch- Kitchen Notes

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Kitchen Notes, a famous Southern restaurant, located inside the Omni Nashville resort, is one of a kind, and will leave you wanting more! Not being from the South, I have always wanted to try the famous ‘home cooking’, and at Kitchen Notes, I did just this.

Our feast started out with some traditional Southern iced tea, followed by crab cakes and deviled eggs. The crab cakes were served with a smoked corn puree, which tasted like a creamy cornbread, and Tennessee wildflower honey slaw. The slaw was crisp and sweet, combining delicious flavors with the blue crab cake. The deviled eggs were served with pickled okra and cracklins. The creamy yellow egg paired perfectly with the zesty sauce.

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Southern Biscuits

A Southern meal is not complete without biscuits and cornbread, which was served like bread and olive oil at an Italian restaurant. The specialty biscuit of the day was a cheesy sausage biscuit, also served with original biscuits. Accompanied with this was mini cornbread muffins. I could have eaten these like popcorn. The warm, soft, fluffy cornbread was served with sweet Tennessee strawberry and blackberry jam.

The main course was by far one of the most delicious meals I have eaten to date. We ordered the chicken pot pie and the Tennessee patty melt. Biting into the chicken pot pie was like a creamy, crumbly, little slice of food Heaven. Topped with homemade biscuit crumble, followed by the creamy gravy broth, the chicken pot pie is something that I wanted to keep eating and eating. The crust of the pie is also made from biscuits, which made me want to dive in deeper and take more bites. Our waiter described the patty melt to be famous, so we had to try it. A grass-fed beef patty was topped with smoked bacon, pimento cheese (my favorite spicy and creamy cheese), whiskey onions, and special sauce, partnered with crispy French fries.

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Southern Sweets

Just when we thought we couldn’t take another bite, the dessert menu came. Two Southern classics, as mentioned by our waiter, are the banana pudding and the Southern apple bourbon crisp. The banana pudding was served in a mason jar, similar to a parfait, but topped with smoked caramel, sea salt, and homemade marshmallow meringue. The rich and creamy pudding paired well with a dark roasted coffee, perfectly satisfying any sweet tooth. The apple crisp was topped with an oat streusel and fresh cinnamon ice cream. This dessert is an upscale, gourmet version of a Southern classic, apple pie. We enjoyed warm café lattes with this dessert, as it was a cold and brisk day outside.

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The inside of the restaurant was light and airy, and had a feeling of home Southern hospitality, which was experienced by their welcoming staff. This restaurant is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner depending on the day. We enjoyed the afternoon by spending it tasting local dishes here. Next time I am in Nashville, I will be coming back for sure.

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