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San Diego Beach Engagement Shoot

San Diego Beach Engagement Shoot


Preston and I have been engaged now for about six months. We got engaged in March, and it has been a wonderful 6 months of sharing our life together. This is the first of any wedding planning we have started, so why not start with a dreamy beach engagement shoot?

Here is our dreamy beach engagement shoot and all my favorite accessories:



We picked up our initials in balloons, which was the perfect accessory to our engagement shoot. These balloons can be found at Michaels Craft store, party supplies stores, etc. We had so much fun playing with them, for our next shoot we plan to have our future last name all spelt out!

Honeymoon Hats are beyond the perfect way to spice up your engagement shoot. What better way to sneak a sexy kiss behind a custom made hat? Honeymoon Hats creates custom made hats, with any color sequin writing, and pom-poms. I chose to have my future new last name written on the hat. I also debated between ‘Future Mrs.’, ‘Future Mrs. Cain’, ‘Bride to Be’, ‘Engaged’, but I decided on ‘Mrs. Cain’, because I could wear that one the longest! These hats are also perfect quality for photos because they have flexible wire around the edge, which allows for bending in different directions.

Link for Honeymoon Hats

Any photoshoot needs perfect shoes! Restricted Shoes has a perfect variety of photo-worthy shoes they offer. Shown above is their Jenice heel in natural. They are not only comfortable, they go with so many things in my wardrobe, making them a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Use code JOURNEY25 for 25% off any regular priced shoe! What I liked most about these shoes besides their adorable peep-toe, the heel was easy to walk in the sand to do our engagement shoot at the beach!

Link to Restricted Shoes

Some More Fav Photos:

The best time to do a photoshoot at the beach is when it is overcast and cloudy. Most people hope for a perfect sunset day to have a watercolor sky, but the truth is, when the sky is cloudy and dark during a sunset, it creates a dramatic backdrop against the ocean. This makes the focus of the image really pop, which was us! If you decide to do a beach shoot, I highly recommend being prepared to get in the water. Although it was cold, and we got our nice clothes soaked, this made for the best shots! The above photos are some of my favorite in-water poses!


Meet the photographer

Rachael Smith, the artist behind the lens for Rachael Smith Photography, is a local San Diegan photographer. In my opinion, her specialty is couples and family! She loves capturing emotion on camera, and works best with dramatic lighting in nature. This was my fifth shoot with her, and beyond my favorite!

Link to Rachael Smith Photography

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