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San Diego Sea Planes- A Sky Tour

San Diego Sea Planes- A Sky Tour

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If you thought that window seats were great on an average flight, then you have a new type of window seat to experience! On a clear San Diego day, which is 98% of the time, you will have stunning views of this place we call home! Whether you are a local or a tourist, this is an excursion you will need to do. San Diego Sea Planes offers a variety of flight tours around the coast of San Diego. Some make stops on the beach to have a picnic, while some stay in the air touring around. One thing each flight does is land and take back off from the water, fully experiencing San Diego. No need to purchase a drone camera, you can just snap some aerial shots on your phone while passing over top downtown!


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We departed our flight out of Mira Mar, where a private airport is, and flew directly west to La Jolla. On our way to the coast, we flew over the various main freeways, and local neighborhoods. The flight did not have a strict schedule it had to follow, as it was up to the passengers. Each flight is able to fly a total of 5 passengers, making it an intimate experience. While flying over La Jolla, we stopped and watched for sea lions and dolphins from the sky. We were able to spot several of these, in addition to being able to see the coral reefs off the coast

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From La Jolla, we flew down the coast over the water to Pacific Beach, passing Sunset Cliffs, to Point Loma (pictured above). We were able to pass the ‘point’ of Point Loma, which is home to the famous lighthouse. We were also able to spot the military cemetery on the cliffs.

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Next on our flight was passing over top downtown San Diego, and on to Coronado, which is the island off the coast of San Diego. In the bay between Coronado and San Diego, we had our water landing. I was both extremely excited and nervous to do the landing. I remember sitting in the hotel room in Vancouver staring out at the sea planes landing on the bay, thinking I am going to do that one day! That day was finally here

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The water landing was much smoother than I could have ever imagined. I have to be honest, I have been on some commercial flights that have had much worse landings than this sea plane did. The landing reminded me of jet skiing, as we were gliding on the water for a while, and then took back off into the air over the Coronado Bridge (pictured above).

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Personal Experience: I loved the overall sea plane excursion and would recommend it to anyone who wants an adventurous way to see San Diego. The flight was a perfect date idea, or double date idea. All communication had to be done via the headsets that were required to wear (pictured above).

Traveler Tip: Ask to co-pilot the plane, as you will be able to steer and guide the plane with the help and assistance of the pilot. This is something that is very rare to find, and an opportunity to be taken advantage of. If you tend to get motion sick, take a Dramamine prior to taking off, as the flight is a little unsteady for those weak in the stomach.

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