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Valentine's Photoshoot

Valentine's Photoshoot


The DAY of LOVE is upon us. Feb 14... you either hate it or love it, or maybe a little bit of both! I personally, LOVE Valentine's Day, and what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by capturing love in a photoshoot. 

Here is my guide to a San Diego Valentine's Shoot:



First step in planning the perfect photoshoot is location! Just like planning a wedding, its all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! For this dreamy shoot, we chose the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, a luxury resort in the Rancho Santa Fe hills. With their stunning gardens and multiple outdoor locations, we enjoyed walking around and finding hidden spots to photograph. The Inn is also the perfect location for a romantic getaway! 



Coordinating outfits is key to any photoshoot. For guys, I always recommend plain or solid outfits. I personally love dresses, and usually the dresses that I choose have some type of print on them. In the photo above, since my fiancé is wearing solid white, my dress is able to pop out, and not clash with his outfit. A rule of thumb I use for outfits is to make sure that it is something you can wear again. I am not a fan of wearing a dress only once (unless I got a major sale). I always go for dresses that I can wear again, like this one! 



Florals are always worth the extra charge! I have often wondered if florals are worth it, but every shoot I do with them, I am so thankful for having them. Florals add character and a sense of elegancy to photos. If you can not budget to have a florist, there are a lot of affordable ways to get flowers. My go-to is Trader Joe's. I got a bouquet of a dozen red roses for $7!   

meet the photographer.JPG


Pretty Branch Photography shot this photoshoot of my Fiancé and I. Pretty Branch is a lovely company who specializes in San Diego couples photography. They have a special promotion for engaged couples, that they get a complimentary engagement photoshoot. For anyone else wanting a regular photoshoot, they have various packages available. 

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